Among the purposes of this corporation is to offer advisory Services in Health Services Administration, Promote the participation and collaboration of entities related to health and education among private companies in general for the broadest and development of health to citizens who want to benefit. Carry out, promote and collaborate, by itself or through the entities that contrast, with all those acts and events that are related to the health components for citizens in general, emphasizing those related to prevention and education, with the purpose of maintaining and educating citizens in general. Carry out or carry out by itself or through entities studies, surveys, statistical analysis and data that are pertinent and necessary on the health of the citizens of the region it locates. Carry out prevention activities, in collaboration with municipal, state and federal entities that include health services. Work and collaborate with municipal, state and federal private and public entities, in the planning and development of the different aspects and components of the health systems that are necessary for the better quality of life of citizens in general. Operate, manage, possess or in any legal way relate to projects, programs or properties related to health services.